Mr. Robot Premium


Premium Features for Legion!


Titanforged, Socket, or higher iLevel... what is best?

The Best in Bags feature is like Best in Slot, except only with the gear you already own. It's THE way to figure out your new optimal solution! Mr. Robot will tell you if the lower iLevel item with good stats is better or worse than the titanforged item with meh stats. He also digs through your bags to find gear you might have forgotten about. You can now be confident you have the best gear equipped.

Want to know where to find the best upgrades? We’ve got you covered.

Mr. Robot will help you find the best sources of gear for the activities you are doing.

Are you planning to run dungeons and do world quests to get an alt raid-ready? Mr. Robot will tell you which activities have the best (and most) upgrades for you.

Or maybe you want to find the best crafted items or world drops or raid drops or anything else you desire!

Which bosses should I spend my bonus rolls on?

That's one of the most popular questions Mr. Robot gets asked these days. He will calculate the chance you'll get an upgrade from each boss. He'll let you know which boss has the biggest upgrades and which one has the most upgrades... and that is worth knowing, my friends!


As a thank you for supporting us, we start by removing all ads from the website. Then Mr. Robot goes a step further and collapses the ad space so you get more room for all the good stuff on each page. It's very clean and uncluttered.

You also get:
Protection from the robot apocalypse (exact terms are not defined)
A virtual robot friend with huge biceps