Premium features for Battle for Azeroth

As a premium member, Mr. Robot will find the best gear from your bags (Best in Bags) and help you find new upgrades in-game each week.

All of these features are included for the low price of $12 a year (or $2 if paying monthly). There's only one level, so once you upgrade, you get it all!

Best in Bags

Mr. Robot analyzes all of the gear you own, then picks the best set in just seconds.

He uses simulations and machine learning in the background, so you don't have to.

Alt Friendly

Get Best in Bags for your main spec and off specs. You can use this for all of your alts too.

Different Fight Types

Get the best set of gear for single target fights, one for multi-target, and another for dungeons. It's all up to you.

Export into the Game

Send your Best in Bag sets directly in-game and save them with the equipment manager.

Find Upgrades

Want to know where to find the best upgrades each week? Mr. Robot evaluates all of the gear you can get and gives you a ranked list.

Bonus Rolls

The most popular feature in the Upgrade Finder is recommendations for your weekly bonus rolls. Tell Mr. Robot which bosses and difficulty you are running that week and he'll tell you which bosses have the most upgrades, and which ones have the biggest upgrades.

Get upgrade recommendations for even more sources:


Dungeons & raids

Crafted Gear

World bosses and more!

Limited Time Bonuses!

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Robot Apocalypse Protection

You are guaranteed safety during the Robot uprising. Includes 1 free pass to the Robot VIP lounge, delivered digitally at the start of the uprising.

Complementary Gear Polishing

Mr. Robot will polish your gear to remove the blood and guts that get everywhere after a long day of work. He'll also infuse your shirt with lavender so you'll be a best smelling hero in Azeroth.